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Awoke at 6:30 this morning, early for a Sunday. I was sleepy throughout yesterday. The Drurys came by for a spontaneous IHOP run, so I wasn't a complete hermit. Mostly caught up on taped Buffy; once I've caught up on all of the old episodes, I won't be as compulsive. About that, anyway.

Though it's just sneaking up on 9:00, I've already had two unpleasant interactions. Nothing terrible, just the kinds of exchanges I'd rather not have:
  • A church member and friend called at 7:30 to say he can't work nursery this morning. File under both "Too little, too late" and "Somebody else's problem" (I'm not the Nursery coordinator and he knows better).
  • A colleague from my old job sees me at Victrola and has the compulsory, cursory, one minute "how are you?" conversation, ending in a pat on the shoulder. She means well but is not really interested; I'm not either. Why don't we spare each other?
I'm still happy. Read this morning about Kings Mannaseh and Josiah. Mannaseh went every way but God's until his life went down the tubes:
When he was in distress, he begged Yahweh his God, and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers. He prayed to him; and he was entreated of him, and heard his supplication, and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that Yahweh he was God.
-2 Chronicles 33:12-13
It's so reassuring to know God's love is great enough to hear us even when desperation is our only motivation to seek Him.

Church at 11, a possible breakfast bagel at The Bagel Deli in the early afternoon, more Buffy and miscellaneous VCR catch-up, Enterprise make-up this evening (which may include some of the kids and a hot pepperoni pizza). I don't think my life could be more mellow.

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