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No place like home for the holidays

Stayed a hermit in my home for the day, realizing it'll probably be easier to pull things together tomorrow at the office. The rain and chill makes it an ideal day to be a homebody.

Though it was hard not to be able to do more Christmastime travel to visit family, barlow_girl and I thoroughly enjoyed our first married Christmas here in Seattle—watching It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, sleeping in, exchanging gifts, heading to the Lees' for Christmas dinner and then to the Stonebergs' for a nightcap. Even though it was a full day, unplugging from the rush is just the thing to bring Christmas back to manageable, enjoyable proportions.


You should let me know which days you're being a homebody, since I'm a homebody all the time now. I'd love to go grab lunch, if only to have an excuse to get me out of the house :)
I wish it were more days (does that make me lazy?)! I'm back at the office today, which is usually a day off, because getting everything done during a holiday week is weird. But it's good to know for a future homebody day when my batteries are more charged!
I like working from home, too, and I don't think it's lazy. But holiday weeks are good for getting stuff done, with less interruptions from people :)