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The early show

Since nomadn8 is on walkabout, I'm back to facilities duty on Sundays. This means starting an hour earlier (building open by 7:30) and running about an hour later (wrapping by 13:30 or 14:00). Tonight we also have our annual Lessons + Carols service, so I'll be back to open the building by 17:00. Everything should be a lot of fun today; it's just a longer day than I'm accustomed to.

barlow_girl and I enjoyed dinner with Bill & Katy last night—it was so thoughtful for them to have us over, and they're very easy for us to spend time with. Katy made us wine glass charms using glass beads she'd gotten in Italy as a wedding gift (as well as some wine glasses, which are handy considering how many I broke within our first week of marriage!).

Monday can't come soon enough—that may be the first time I've ever said that.
Tags: friends, wedding, work

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