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Day care

Watched Saving Silverman at Winter's last night w/ her, Matt, Connor, and Cappy. Kind of funny, in an "I wouldn't mind seeing it on cable" sort of way. I think I got a bigger kick out of "Iron Chef USA," honestly. William Shatner is a force of nature. I thought I was booked Friday and Saturday nights this week, but it turns out that Diana's birthday party was Friday as well, leaving Saturday my day again.

Somehow I managed to end up in the day care section of Victrola this morning. Children don't really bother me (necessarily), and I've even been known to like some, but parents can be difficult to bear at times. I think child rearing may melt something in their brains. I've heard repeated utterings of the command "gentle," and the most nonsensical phrase so far has been, "Is that a whozit?" I prefer the style of the woman sitting in the rocking chair with a boy, reading together. It's less insulting.

Rare sunny November day today, though still chilly. While I love the gray, this is a nice change for a day.
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