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An early Christmas visit

barlow_girl and I returned yesterday from a few days in Iowa visiting my family. heartflyte and her clan were wonderful hosts, and Amy really enjoyed getting to meet and spend time with her nieces and nephew. We also spent some time with my folks, had a Christmas gift exchange, took a tour of the Iowa State Capitol, and enjoyed lunch at Big Daddy's (which I haven't had since I lived in Iowa in the late 90s). It was a great mix of staying active and having time to relax and talk.

Our travel back yesterday was eventful—we were asked to change our flight because of weight restrictions on the flight leaving Des Moines, so they offered us a new itinerary through Saint Louis that would get us to Seattle earlier and have us in first class most of the way. Our flight to Saint Louis ended up delayed enough to miss our connection, however, so we were rebooked to a third itinerary through Dallas-Fort Worth. Thankfully, we kept the first class upgrade (the first time for either of us), and we knew we had a loose enough schedule to accommodate delays when we agreed to the first change in Des Moines—when they asked us, we accepted with that possibility in mind, because someone else might not have had the same flexibility. Travel days always feel long, but at least we were well taken care of.

Arrived home to find that I'd won the Family Guy Freakin' Party Pack, so that should be fun to dive into when we have some free time (I haven't even watched a whole episode before). Said free time isn't coming right away (four evening commitments within the next week), but our schedule is building margin little by little.

Looking forward to getting back to the office and establishing a beachhead to conquer the rest of 2008.
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