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Just when I thought it was safe to go to lunch…

Dan Savage shows up at one of my favorite haunts. Go away, Dan Savage. Go away.


These posts are hilarious. Keep 'em coming. Or... not, if Dan Savage does not, in fact, go away...
Hope springs eternal.
Don't forget your "gads" tag. :D
I thought it was on there—nice catch!
I love this little cosmic relationship you have with Dan Savage. It makes me laugh.
We're yin and yang. Or something.
The nerve of him, to want to be served on the Hill! ch.
I know! People are supposed to serve me!
Is he stalking you???
In my self-important imagination, definitely.

Hmmm, time to do some R&D in to Savage-repellent.


I love seeing Dan Savage, send him my way next time. -stephy
Sure—where are you, Silverdale?
So... just out of curiosity... why do you dislike Dan so much?
In my imagination, he follows me everywhere.