Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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A change will do you good

Nothing on today's calendar, though my last-minute realization of an error in Sunday's bulletin will have me spending a couple of hours at the office on reprints at some point.

Wanting some kind of change, but I'm not sure just what I'm looking for. Just not feeling like I'm doing well with keeping up with my life and responding to all the inputs. It makes me want fewer inputs, but that's not a realistic option (and may be little more than a protective and selfish impulse). I suspect just getting today's work stuff cranked out might help clear my head for the time being. Getting back in a journalling groove might also sweep away some cobwebs—LiveJournal has been frustrating me lately, too, so perhaps some sort of migration is in order. Whatever the case, this regular feeling of playing catch-up needs to go.
Tags: discipline, life, livejournal, struggle, work
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