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'Tis the season (sort of)

Funny how slowing down (in some ways) for a weekend makes one realize in body and mind how desirable rest is. Was under the weather and away from the office yesterday, but I can't really afford to do that two days in a row just now unless I'm completely incapacitated.

So it's time to scale back and refocus, both for the holiday rush and to set good rhythms for the year to come. barlow_girl and I have begun talking about new ways to approach our schedules—not only have we been finding ourselves booked out months in advance, but our results were also consistently missing people important to us. Oddly enough, not calendaring may be key. Likewise, I'm changing some of my online reading habits (including LiveJournal) in hopes of a better signal-to-noise ratio. There's simply no point in spending time in ways that just increase my frustrations when I don't have to do so, and hopefully that will also make me more truly present online and off.

It's also the season for Christmas music and egg nog lattés, so I think I'll go kick off both.
Tags: discipline, internet, life, livejournal, work

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