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Getting after it

LiveJournal is being temperamental this morning , which threatens to make me temperamental in turn.

Worked until around 18:00 yesterday, partly in anticipation of the short work week. Definitely feels good to have a jump on things. Some of what needs doing requires info from others, so I figure if I can work on the rest, it's less likely to bottleneck. Everyone's been pretty great lately at keeping things moving and getting me the info I need, so I don't anticipate holiday weekend work in my future.

Lots and lots on the schedule this week: the annual pre-Thanksgiving feast at Buca di Beppo on Wednesday, Thanksgiving dinner with our communitygroup, followed by a Friday overnight ParTreat at the Olympic Club Hotel and Theater in Centralia with same. Good times.


Props--Buca di Beppo is a great place. I haven't been there often but when I have, it was delicious.
Oh man, I would love to join you people at Buca di Beppo. Great place! And also, I have been craving restaurant food since becoming unemployed. This girl who used to eat out two times a week has now drastically cut back to ZERO times EVER. Hmmm. Yum. Enjoy!