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In motion

Lots of getting things rolling today; it feels good to be in motion.

Making plans to head to Iowa to see my family for the holidays. Looks like we can make our trip significantly less expensive if we travel in mid-December rather than around Christmas, so that may be our best route—it'd be more challenging for me to be away at Christmastime anyway, since others' holiday plans can often throw an unexpected wrench into church stuff.

I miss barlow_girl in her work-intensive season. Pizza is not a good enough consolation. But I love how good she is at what she does, and I love that she enjoys it.

OK, time for food.


I miss barlow_girl, too! But probably not in the same way you do ;)
awww, you're sweet. :o] i miss me, too! i feel so disconnected. sounds like you and Carl are traveling for Thanksgiving - maybe after you get back, we can synch up work schedules and do breakfast again. :o]
Sounds like a plan to me! :)