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There, I said it (fifteen in a series)

Learned helplessness is nasty, pervasive, and tiring to deal with. And I'm probably being generous in my application of the label—rather than true learned helplessness, sometimes people just want the world to participate in their fixations and narcissism, making any deviation from the pictures in their heads into incomprehensible, insurmountable obstacles.

Prescription: high dosage of Cope & Deal, with a tall glass of Shut The Hell Up to be ingested until said dosage takes full effect.


Our pastor was JUST talking about "learned helplessness" today in church!!

I guess I can't picture the people who are annoying to deal with because I can only think of the things that I personally struggle with... wait.. no.. just thought of someone.

I know you didn't mean it this way, but when I read this, I chuckled at the idea that you couldn't think of narcissistic people because you could only think of the things you personally struggle with. ;)
And now that I'm more awake, I realize that was your whole joke and I missed it. Wow, am I dense or what?
oh wow. I just typed out a bunch of stuff and then I decided I wanted to see what user pic you were using (my email blocks it automatically so I have to click on something to see it) and doing that refreshed the page and took away what I typed.
It's okay. I was probably babbling.

You probably know what I meant, but I'll explain just in case...
The basic idea is that when I hear a pastor talk I try to first take out the plank in my eye before moving on to the annoying freaks around me :) Ha. Of course that doesn't always work... sometimes I immediately think of other people who "should have heard this message".

Also, I find this idea of "learned helplessness" a rather empowering concept to consider because it causes me to take a look at areas where I am just laying down when I could be active. And then realize I can be active. Like it reveals where I'm seeing myself as a victim and that I don't have to do that.

So yeah. :)

BTW the user pic choice was perfect :)


Me exactly...

Ha ha!

I think women get this when they are pregnant. It happens in labor and delivery too.

also, I recommend in these circumstances, for the parties at fault to be hit in the head with the "get some perspective" stick
Ahem. WORD.
I have a co-worker that makes a crisis out of absolutely everything, and lately tries to drag me in with questions that there is absolutely no way she does not know the answer. (She's more qualified and experienced than me, and still asks simplistic no-brainer questions that make me feel tested). It freaks me out... I don't want to get sucked into the stupidity of it. I think this term labels her very well... she tires me out every time I try to talk to her