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Space in the city

No deep thoughts clamoring to be recorded this morning; just the simple gratitude of having space in my schedule. I have the luxury of enjoying most of the things that find their way onto my calendar, but open space is also a joy.

Just saw Rich & Anna here at Irwin's. Really enjoyed their presence and contributions at last Sunday's Art + Theology Symposium, and since they're neighbors, maybe we can all share dinner sometime. One of the things I love about my job and our church is that we permeate the city—almost anytime I spend time away from the office and home, I see people from Grace. We're not that big, so it's a good indicator of our presence in Seattle. May God use us as a witness and a blessing, as ambassadors of His Kingdom.


Compass was that way. We'd always run into people at the coffee shop, park, on Main Street.
I miss that here.
I know I'd miss it too…I hope your new roots grow strong.