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Staying in

Haven't left home yet today. Feels good, if more than a bit indulgent. Though I know I'm in the minority, I absolutely love that its dark at 17:00.

After a productive week at work, it's nice to feel OK having boundaries (scaling back on checking work email, letting things that won't suffer wait until next week, and so on). The boundaries aren't really about others so much as they're about reining myself in—since my effectiveness "growth spurt" a few months ago, I've tended toward seeing how much I can get done, and that energy helped put a number of systems in place. Now that they're up and running, it's time to throttle back and let things work. I'm thankful to work in a supportive environment with fairly realistic expectations; it's my own standards and compulsions that must be brought to heel.

John shared this video yesterday. This tends to be my counseling technique (and why I'm not a counselor anymore):
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