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Staying in

Haven't left home yet today. Feels good, if more than a bit indulgent. Though I know I'm in the minority, I absolutely love that its dark at 17:00.

After a productive week at work, it's nice to feel OK having boundaries (scaling back on checking work email, letting things that won't suffer wait until next week, and so on). The boundaries aren't really about others so much as they're about reining myself in—since my effectiveness "growth spurt" a few months ago, I've tended toward seeing how much I can get done, and that energy helped put a number of systems in place. Now that they're up and running, it's time to throttle back and let things work. I'm thankful to work in a supportive environment with fairly realistic expectations; it's my own standards and compulsions that must be brought to heel.

John shared this video yesterday. This tends to be my counseling technique (and why I'm not a counselor anymore):
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Oh my gosh! I read what you wrote, and before I clicked the video, I went to youtube so that I could link you to....this same video.

I don't mind the dark at 5 p.m., as long as it gets light by the time I get up in the morning.

SO FUNNY. Isn't it just so true!
Entirely too true!
Hahahahaha! I think that's *great* counseling technique :D
Now I just think it in my head, all the time.

My favorite

We cannot watch Mad TV anymore, those shows are getting too much...however, THIS skit is the best one I've seen on that show or Saturday Night Live in my entire life. And, being a wordy person myself, I love the approach. I was once a resident assistant and a middle school teacher, and you cannot know how many times I wanted to say these words. Cut through the Oprah psychology and get this kind of therapy on TV! It's almost an old fashioned "greatest generation" style of therapy. Funny and realistic.

Re: My favorite

Or better yet: no more therapy on TV. Stop it!

Re: My favorite

Loved it! There are some people I want to share it with right this instant ... but what if they figure out my game? :-)
Just post it to your LJ—it's what I do. ;)