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Discovered a faulty assumption which positively changed my read of a bothersome situation—a relief, as well as a reminder not to lean too hard on my own conclusions. Nothing major, but I can already feel my attitude changing in response to the new data. Good.

For the moment, I'm trying to more deliberately take the time to engage others, whether with encouragement or even sometimes with challenge. Feels good to be making the effort, to be responding rather than just reacting. More and more, I'm convinced there's a difference.

Tuesdays are just plain long. I love communitygroup, but I can see why some people don't do it. Though I know I'd be far poorer without it, a couple of hours of downtime at the end of the day sound so sweet. That's when I have to go by faith, not by sight.

Going in early to work this week has really given me an edge, which is especially good considering much of Thursday will be spent at a workshop in Tacoma. I'll bet it'll feel at least as long as today, but once I'm done with my evening meeting Thursday, I'm done for the week. And I do love being done.
Tags: community group, friends, life, relationships, struggle, work
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