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Deferred from last night courtesy TiVo, barlow_girl and I, along with our intrepid comrades velouria73 and Carrie, begin our semi-annual viewing of The Amazing Race this evening (thanks in no small part to the failure of Viva Laughlin after just two episodes, moving TAR months earlier on the programming calendar). Always good times.

Grateful today for friendships, after lunch with Nate and an afternoon with the regular weekly ManTime crew. Even though I'm hard to know (and getting more difficult all the time, it seems), it's good to be seen in part and loved well. Some of the stuff I'm struggling with has so many moving parts that I don't know quite what handles to pick it up with myself, much less share with others. But I'm trying.

Note to self: don't make little things into big things. In perspective, it's mostly butter, and it'll be easier to deal with whatever isn't if you see it at its proper size and in its proper context. This may help.
Tags: friends, struggle, tivo
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