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Silly little things to love

Saw Jim Gaffigan at the Paramount last night. Hilarious. And not a bad seat in the house. Love living in this city.

We also got our living room back, after donating a television to a family who'd lost their home to fire. Because of my overzealous desire to solve problems quickly, we had two TVs for a couple of weeks, after our recent Craigslist acquisition powered down just after turning on and refused to power on again. I "solved" this by purchasing an open-box floor model from Radio Shack (which was entertainment in itself), only to discover upon getting it home that our other set worked fine after being unplugged and replugged (the best I could glean is that this resets a safety circuit breaker inside the set). Live and learn—and spend way too much money unnecessarily, since an open-box floor model can't be returned. But at least we found a good home for the "old" set, and someone else benefitted from my folly.

Amid the clutter of two-TV living, we also decided to replace our coffee table with a couple of ottomans, the storage kind with fliptop trays. This led to more adventures in Craigslisting (with some flake-outs) and internet shopping (with way too many options, and way too many of those being potentially crappy). On Halloween we saw an ad for a couple I'd already been considering online, so we swung by and got them both, never used, for the price of one. Sweet! It's a great change and will allow for more conversation seating, which was a real struggle in our space (no matter how many TVs were in it).

And the icing on the happy cake is that we got an hour back today for returning to Standard Time (which I prefer). Love me some fall!
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LOVE Jim... second to Brian Reagan in my book. Wish we could see him, too!!

I think that your "folly" was probably all in God's plan to supply that family with a TV. :D

Our living room needs a MAJOR overhaul. MAJOR. Bokeh really ruined the carpet and the sofa is just so worn out (we got it second hand to begin with). One of these days... *sigh*
Brian Regan is the only other comedian barlow_girl and I have seen together (we saw his show just before our re-scheduled wedding).

I think you're right about God, as well as His showing me how crazy my need to fix things in my own power can be.

We're blessed to have such a small space—less stuff to wear out! These ottomans (I always want to say "ottomen") are so well made—they'll probably outlast everything else.
I'm not really someone who feels like the whole house has to be up-dated NOW... but I'd like to have ONE room where we felt comfortable and could receive guests without embarrassment. Right now, that's not what we have. :D
Since we pretty much just have one room (except the bathroom—the rest is an open floor plan), it's mostly all or nothing for us!
Glad to hear that God is using our collective folly everywhere. I have sure made my contribution.
He's good like that. Since I'm not getting less foolish, it's nice to know.