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Taking the time

In some respects, I'm bummed that I only seem to find space to journal once every week or so these days. On the whole, however, I'm pleased with how my days are spent, so it may be better to view the change as just that—a change—whether indefinite or simply for a season. It could also be that it'll take more discipline than I've been exercising to stay in the journaling groove, but somehow the possibilities that call for more discipline have a way of sliding to the bottom of the list.

barlow_girl and I are getting in our last couple of hurrahs in before we go dark on our social calendar during her quarter-end craziness. That'll take us through most of November; hopefully our friends won't feel too neglected and will still recognize us when we're able to poke our heads back out at the end of the tunnel. If we find a little unexpected margin along the way, we may try to be spontaneously social, but during quarter-end there are few guarantees.

Since my schedule isn't as crazy as Amy's during this season, I'm hoping it'll be a good time for reflection on how I'm spending my time and my life (they're pretty much the same thing). We're so blessed, and we want to also be a blessing to others as well. There's also a lot of my spiritual "core" that too often suffers from laziness and neglect. I'm encouraged by a nudge or two in the direction I want to go; it's just a matter of remembering, pressing on, and finding rhythms that reflect my loves.

Could I sound any more post-modern spiritual-cheesy? But I really mean it.
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