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Content and lack thereof

I know it's yesterday's news, and I know it's open to critique, but I'm newly infatuated with Google Reader. LiveJournal's syndication is a bug-ridden kludge (to its credit, it doesn't really claim to be anything more), so it's good to leave it behind as I have more external blogs and such to keep up with. Also moving some content from iGoogle to Google Reader in order to clean it up a bit. Good geek times.

Just tried to plug my headphones into my iPhone to block out the Obnoxious Runner Chicks who've set up their own table directly behind me (that's right, they brought out a folding outdoor table so that they'd have a place to put their coffee down as they talk loudly and incessantly in their bizarrely nasal, neo-Valley Girl voices). "Tried," because the plug won't go all the way into the jack—I'd heard of this design flaw, but hadn't experienced it firsthand until now. My iPod and earbuds are both at home, either of which would have saved me from their emphatic but meaningless chatter.

One of them just said "San Fran." Seriously.


RSS readers are wonderful—I use 'em for everything from my morning comics and tech news (looks down in temporary shame) to friends' blogs. I used Google Reader for a long time, but I recently switched back to Bloglines because my old systems are not much good at handling GR's AJAX trickery...
Reader is nice on my iPhone, which was another huge point in its favor. With all of my old tech failing and being replaced, it's suddenly easy to use the newfangled toys.
I love Google Reader. I use it for all the external blogs now (well, with a few small exceptions)... but LJ's syndication is pretty buggy. And Google Reader is so good :)
I'm now a fan!
This was worth a smile...San Fran, indeed!
So nasty!
Do you use the personalized Google homepage, too?
Yes, that's the iGoogle thing I referred to in the entry (Google rebranded it). It's nice, and I like it even better now that I've removed the clutter of a bunch of RSS feeds from it, paring it down to my calendar gadget, my to do list, Gmail, a Google Reader gadget, and a few other choice newsy gadgets.
Nice. When I read iGoogle I thought it had something to do w/ the iPhone.

Silly me.

iphone headphones

i have carved all the excess plastic around my non apple headphone jacks and they all work fine now. it was a pain in the ass but sometimes you just have to gitter done.