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Content and lack thereof

I know it's yesterday's news, and I know it's open to critique, but I'm newly infatuated with Google Reader. LiveJournal's syndication is a bug-ridden kludge (to its credit, it doesn't really claim to be anything more), so it's good to leave it behind as I have more external blogs and such to keep up with. Also moving some content from iGoogle to Google Reader in order to clean it up a bit. Good geek times.

Just tried to plug my headphones into my iPhone to block out the Obnoxious Runner Chicks who've set up their own table directly behind me (that's right, they brought out a folding outdoor table so that they'd have a place to put their coffee down as they talk loudly and incessantly in their bizarrely nasal, neo-Valley Girl voices). "Tried," because the plug won't go all the way into the jack—I'd heard of this design flaw, but hadn't experienced it firsthand until now. My iPod and earbuds are both at home, either of which would have saved me from their emphatic but meaningless chatter.

One of them just said "San Fran." Seriously.
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