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I love technology (but wish it wouldn't listen so closely)

I think my gadgets can hear me.

My Sidekick began its death throes on Tuesday and was pretty much a brick by yesterday. nomadn8 had the same kind of trouble a few months back, resulting in hours of frustration, SIM card failures, and even a try at a replacement via eBay. Since mine was already pretty long in the tooth, I just did the end run around the headaches and bought an iPhone. Had a few speed bumps in the last 24 hours, but I think it's all up and running now.

This is the third fourth piece of tech to go down the tubes on me so far this year. Generally, my policy on technology is that I'll use it until it breaks, and lately, as I've been explaining this, my devices seem to listen and subsequently crash. So 2007 has brought a new MacBook Pro, an upgrade to replace my TiVo's failing hard drive, an HDTV from Craigslist, and an iPhone. I hope they last, because this can get expensive.


I hear ya!

Currently at 12 days sans laptop due to *?@!< Hewlett Packard's astounding ineptitude in accomplishing the relatively simple task of mailing me a new hard drive under warranty. I've spent (I've been tracking) over 6 hours on the phone with 14 different "agents" attempting to help enable them to overcome all difficulties that keep cropping up at their end in sending out the aforementioned hard drive. Grrrrrr.....

Oh no you didn't!

That stinks! :(