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Something in the air

Fall has fallen, and I couldn't be happier with the weather. A cup of coffee (actually, a White Velvet) is just the thing between work and communitygroup.

It's the season for events at work, which means lots of air traffic control to get people where they need to go without crashing. The metaphor may be weak, but it's good enough for me.


I'm looking forward to Fall-- we're just starting to get the cooler days, but it hasn't really felt like Fall yet.

I ♥ Fall.

Today H & I really started missing our CG. We may start it back up in January instead of waiting a year.
Yeah, a year off would be tough! Hope you get to enjoy some more fallishness soon.
I'm so glad to have another fall afficianado on my FL. :-)
Love it!
Hey, we're not going to make it tomorrow morning - Beth is sick :-(
No problem—we'll reschedule. Hope Beth feels better soon!
Fall is the best season for the senses! Beautiful colors, leaves crunching under your feet, cocoa with marshmallows...and new Heroes episodes. Yatta!
Yatta! We're loving Heroes in HD!