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Clearing the backlog

Enough ground to cover (in order to get back in the writing groove) that it's getting the bulleted list treatment:
  • Our new apartment hunt was concluded within 24 hours. There are lots of things we love about our current place, which left us with pretty high standards. When we found a place that could meet many of those standards in our price range, we started to see that many of our reasons for pursuing a move weren't necessarily about moving at all, and certainly weren't worth moving out of a good place without some further evaluation. So we'll develop some focus, gather some data, and see where that leads us.
  • Work has been active, both with tasks and with things for me to think about personally. Today I got one of the last tasks wrapped on a project that's been looming in one form or another for a few years. What a relief.
  • We bought an older HDTV from Craigslist. The sound outputs on my old set were getting crankier to the point of unbearability. The "new" set is the heaviest single thing I've ever had a hand in lifting (thankfully, nomadn8 was his usual, invaluable servant self, lending strong arms and space in his van). We had to reinforce the shelf on which it now rests (another comedy of ingenuity and errors) and I spent some time braving cabling hell to get it all running. Watching Heroes in HD with big sound last night was awesome. And we are never, ever moving it again. Ever.
  • Last week we got to meet thisglimpse and hephziba for breakfast at Voula's Offshore Café. Great people, great food. So glad we were able to spend the time and learn what God is doing in and through them.
  • Tonight our communitygroup is making some dinners to share with a family who needs them.
And that's as much coherent thought as I can muster just now.
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