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Sisko baseball

There, I said it (fourteen in a series)

Let's see if I have this straight: a bunch of people at a convention wearing Star Trek attire are derided as nerds, but a bunch of people in a stadium wearing team attire are revered for team spirit? That's just stupid.

(This message brought to you by my ill-advised trip to the U District on game day.)
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The difference between them is that the trip to the ballpark isn't the first time in months that the team attired folk have seen daylight.
I still think it's a load of crap.
but they're both hilarious to watch!
Sports, in general, are a contrivance. Teams are more of a make-believe entity than casts of TV shows because they players change more constantly - it's not like you're rooting for an individual's personal achievements - the owner, manager, coaches and players are always in flux.

But we can't get rid of 'em because now they're a huge part of our economy and so many men can only show their intellectmemorization skills through reciting sports statistics.

And it hasn't been an insult to be called a "nerd" since the dawn of the computer.
Yeah, I have no particular beef with sports fans (though you raise vaild points; as Jerry Seinfeld said, "You're rooting for clothes!")—it's just a weird and false dichotomy that similar behaviors get exalted or ridiculed depending on who's doing them. If it's OK for one group, then it should be OK for the other.
I was catching the 2 back from Madrona Park (an afternoon spent being surrounded by nature and staring out at the lake as I thought about stuff) when the announcement came over the bus radio--all U-District buses return to normal route after the Husky game.

This always gives me a little smile when I'm somewhere entirely different. I'm usually riding the 550 from Bellevue to Seattle over I-90, about to enter the downtown grid, when I hear an announcement like that for the Mariners and I know my commute just got an hour longer.

(Also, I think I live in the only city in America where more people are likely to smile at the convention-goers and sigh at the sports fans. But that hardly negates your point.)
I hear ya
Gracias for that.
You know...that's a very good point.
Someone wearing a Starfleet uniform to a football game is going to catch a lot more grief than someone wearing a football jersey to a Star Trek convention, I suppose. (At least, my Chicago Bears windbreaker and I sure hope that's the case.)

I think the difference comes down to a "fantasy vs. reality" thing... people have and will always ridicule others who engage in a fantasy in such a way that it infringes on their reality, or to such an extent that their fandom becomes readily visible to others.

When the thirty-plus year-old living in Mom's basement complains he can't find a girlfriend, for example, we poke fun because he's allowed his time spent with the comic collection or participating in role playing games infringe upon his reality a bit too much.

Football, despite all the playing-to-camera antics of athletes, is still a REAL contest between two teams. Starfleet, on the other hand, is still totally rooted in the imagination.

I think this is why so many people make fun of "fantasy football," by the way. The amount of time and worry guys put into that can spill over into every conversation they have about the sport.

Still, all that said, you make a decent point.


Both parties are nerds. What you doin going to the U district on game day, fool?