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Launching the week

Came to Vivace a bit early before meeting up with rock_soup for coffee in an hour or so. Completely loving the rain and cool, though I know it's not for everyone and understand their not wanting to cut their summertime short. Looks like the weather will be back to making others happy later in the week.

barlow_girl and I have spent lots of time with lots of people this weekend: the Dodrills, velouria73, the Sesnaks, nomadn8 (who's never used LJ a day in his life), and the Denneys, to name a few. It's good to make the rounds a bit, though I still feel guilt that we can't keep up with everyone we love and about running out of extroverted steam. Having limits is just uncomfortable sometimes. Regardless, it's so good to have so many friendships we enjoy.

Ready to start the workweek (even though Sundays are workdays, too). Lots of varied feelings about work lately that I want to channel in the best possible ways. Not quite sure what that will look like, and that's totally OK (though I sometimes need to remind myself of that fact). It's just so much better to engage than to grind on things in my head.
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