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Felt really out of sorts by the end of the afternoon, enough so that I opted to bag out of our communitygroup dinner with Operation Nightwatch. Hated to do that in a lot of ways, but I suspect it's for the best.

It's been hard to even sort through my own head lately—everything seems to take a lot more effort. Having trouble even figuring out how to explain thoughts or finish sentences sometimes, and I hate that. It hasn't affected me much at work at all because I've built a system around almost everything, so it doesn't require much thought for me to keep moving. But left to my own devices, thinking and communicating are like swimming in molasses. I just feel…bogged…and I don't even know in what.


1. (((cyber-hug)))
2. Getting old sux.
3. So weird you would say "swimming in molasses". I said something about "swimming in Jell-O" one time when I was on an audit and had a nasty cold. My boss looked at me like I was from another planet. Maybe we were dropped on earth in a pod or something...
4. *praying for you* Just like you did for me!
5. Love you always!
Thanks, sis. I'm feeling much better this morning and have had a point of clarity or two in the meantime, which doesn't hurt. Love you, too!
Well... feel better soon! I'll pray for clarity of some sort for you guys!

Praying for you

I think change is on the way for you, but I am not a fortune cookie. I pray for you that you can get through this fog and understand what the Holy Spirit is doing in your heart.

Re: Praying for you

Thanks—I think making peace with not understanding may be part of what He's doing, too. So often my desire to understand is just a subtle way of trying to bring things under my control. Of course I'd love to understand more, but not "getting it" is good for building humility and remembering the difference between God and me. Remembering that difference can bring me to worship and to ask Him for what I need. It's much messier than that in practice, of course, but stripped down, those are the essentials that He seems to be teaching me.
Thanks! Considering all you've had to deal with lately, it's humbling to know you're praying for our piddling stuff in the midst of it. God is at work through you.