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Ruth said, "Don't entreat me to leave you, and to return from following after you, for where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God; where you die, will I die, and there will I be buried: Yahweh do so to me, and more also, if anything but death part you and me."
-Ruth 1:16-17

Now that's just beautiful. I want a friend like that.

Neck is feeling no better, so this is the obligatory whining. It's rainy and good to be up early. I was such a vegetable last night (a carrot, perhaps). Need more discipline in my life. It's a dangerous thing to acknowledge the need for discipline or humility. I need both-- Lord, have mercy.

I never trust when people say nice things, especially at work. Usually I think it's "trying to be nice," or rather, trying to have others believe one is nice. I'm not innocent by any means-- that's probably why I'm suspicious. I've done it over and over, to make myself feel good and to get what I want. My experience with niceness from others involves manipulation far more than it does affection.

I guess that's why I find the passage from Ruth so beautiful, like the friendship of David and Jonathan. Makes my heart ache for something like that. Hard to get when I tend not to believe I could really have it.


It's strange you should be thinking about this just now - I've been pondering friendship for months now, reading about it, writing about it, trying to understand it. Have you read Lewis' The Four Loves? It helped me conceptualize a lot of vague notions that were running around my head.

The best friendships I have are ones I was never planning on. Fortunately, the Lord was looking out for me, knowing what I needed when I had no idea. Protection and provision I certainly didn't merit. I didn't think I could ever find someone who could understand me and enjoy my company. You don't have to believe it can happen for it to fall into your lap, thank goodness.
I haven't read it; maybe my next Jack outing after The Problem of Pain? Your recommendation carries weight for me. God's grace in friendship is good news-- Naomi wasn't expecting Ruth, and I'm certain David was surprised by Jonathan's devotion.

Come to think of it, your recent appearance on my friends' list was a surprise. Hmmmm...