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False freedom

"And you, O generation, behold the word of the Lord.
Have I been a wilderness to Israel,
   or a land of thick darkness?
Why then do my people say, ‘We are free,
   we will come no more to you’?"

—Jeremiah 2:31

I'm baffled by my own rebellion. God's been so amazingly good to me, saved me from so much, and brought me into such abundance, and yet I still try to dodge Him and consider myself free when I run from Him. Clearly, I'm not alone. How does God deal with having His heart broken again and again?

Perhaps trying to understand it is eventually fruitless—understanding isn't always the magic key to truth. Sometimes it's just a way to try to bring the truth under my control. Regardless, my rebellion is a fact whether I'm baffled by it or not, and it needs to be brought before God even when I can't explain it. Explanations are often escape hatches anyway, and I'm tired of trying to escape all the time.


How does God deal with having His heart broken again and again?

Your question is good, and I don't have the answer, but I am very glad that he continues to love us :)
Me too.


I wonder that too! I wonder if I think my pain is so bad, how much worse is God's?
Maybe this ties into the "hell is other people, but heaven is other people too" concept, where relationship is what it is all about and that the risk and the pain are very much worth the benefits. We need relationships because God needs relationships.
Pensive, me.
I'm here at home with cherry ice cream. HELP. :)

rebel without a clue

I think the NIV is wrong for having unequivocally translated Paul's sarx (lit. "flesh") as "sinful nature." True, the fact of our being physical, organic, etc., is not in and of itself sinful (after all, Adam and Eve were created innocent); but our sinful nature is to an extent rooted in our flesh, and no matter how hard we struggle against it, we're saddled with it until the death of the body.

Re: rebel without a clue

Not surprisingly, that's one of the top reasons I'm not an NIV fan.

Re: rebel without a clue

Didn't say you were, but that always comes to mind as an example of subtly bad translation.

Had I my 'druthers I'd use probably RSV (not NRSV) exclusively, but our liturgical materials are in Coverdale and KJV.

Re: rebel without a clue

No assumption inferred-- I just wasn't at all surprised that you and I would have a shared translation peeve.