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"Now that you're dead, what are you gonna do with your life?"

The sun has returned. Oh well.

I'd like to read more. Actually, I'd like to do a number of things more, and more deeply. Now that I'm feeling a smidge of margin again, I'd like to start directing it a bit. Otherwise I'm just (literally) killing time—often what I need to do for a while when I'm overwhelmed, but once some sort of equilibrium is established, I'm happier spending it intentionally. Time is precious and rhythms are good.


Intentional living

That's one I keep hearing on some radio show that buzzes in the background while I'm working with my children during the day. I cannot remember who the radio host is, he's a Christian, but I just cannot remember. Anyway, I like the purposeful moment to moment living the term "intentional living" points to.

Have you put any thought as to what God intends for you to do intentionally? Right now our church is in a sermon series about "the great commission." It's not being taken lightly. Our pastor wants to plant 500 churches by the year 2020. He doesn't want these to just be planted and abandoned, but to be planted and supported. We have about 2000 members in our church. He's not crazy either, he just wants us to sponsor, to pray, to train, and some to go. He wants us to really love the people we mission, to serve the missionaries and be right in there with them or be one of them. It's about a heart to change real issues...spiritual darkness, poverty, illiteracy, illness...tackling the issues that hinder the gospel (I know there is one more my pastor mentioned but I cannot think of it).

Where are you supposed to be going? I wonder if you're allowed to know yet. Maybe this unsettling is preparing you and your wife for a time in the future when you are serving somewhere in some way you cannot imagine today.

Re: Intentional living

These days, I find myself thinking more on the micro level than the macro when it comes to questions of intentionality. Grand vision can be wonderful and beautiful, but for me, it can also be a cop-out to simply being faithful in the ordinary moments. God hasn't stopped having and giving a big-picture view; it's the questions of what we do with each day that have more mystery and more application for me. Since there's a larger story, what does today look like, and are we really living our lives rather than just filling them with stuff to pass the time?

it's good to be reminded about how precious time is and how necessary it is to do things deeply. i worry that i squander my time...and i know that i'm less than happy when it's unintentional. here's to direction and care with our given time!

good luck, dear friend.