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Gray areas

It's gray again; thank you, God.

Started doing homework on changing mobile plans at the office (and possibly bundling other communications stuff like internet and land lines in the mix). Holy schnikes, it's confusing. I love doing research, but this stuff is a complete maze, so much so that I start to suspect it's intentional. Falling back to Consumer Reports to get my bearings; it just feels like a lot of effort for potentially very little return. For some time, I've thought a mobile phone allowance would be a better choice for our office than trying to get and keep everyone on the same page (it would also address some tax issues that crop up otherwise). Perhaps if I find this kind of busy work tedious and possibly pointless, I'm in the wrong job.

Thunder! Kick ass.

velouria73 and Amanda are coming over for dinner tonight. And by dinner, I mean breakfast—we're busting out the waffle iron Mike & Laine gave us as a wedding gift. Good times.
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