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Here's to good friends

Last night was more fun hanging out with our friends Brian & Carolyn. Saw Live Free or Die Hard, then adjourned to Murphy's for dinner and pints. We enjoy them so much, and it seems like the feeling is mutual—it's such a welcome relief after the bizarro "unfriending" stuff we went through with another couple of friends a few months back. Like a healing wound, we're gradually growing confident in putting more and more weight on our relationships, with positive results.


Good friends are so precious and rare to find I've determined. Glad you have fun. :)
They are. It's funny how much harder it feels as we get older. Objectively, we're hugely blessed, but subjectively it can still feel like walking on ice.


Do Bryan and Carolyn say that people in Seattle are unfriendly? Because that's a bad sign.
Thankfully, we haven't heard those bells tolling yet, but we've learned to keep an ear out.
Please give me your review of the film!!!
Worth seeing in the theater. Fun, completely unbelievable, and stuff blows up.
So basically like the other ones??

Never as classic as the first (like Star Wars), but lots of fun and boom.
Word. BTW, have you seen Best Week Ever for this week and the commentaries on Paris Hilton?

Nah, I cut it from my TiVo a while ago.
Their commentaries on the Larry King interview were classic.