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Taking inventory

Loving Psalm 107 this morning. Part of knowing God is knowing from what He's saved me. Of course, there are many aspects of this that all believers hold in common, but if we're willing to drill down, we each have stories of God's salvation specific to us. There's no need to let our failures weigh on us in ways that are inappropriately heavy, nor should we prematurely declare "finished" what God is still working in our lives. We still need Him, and that's a grace. But it is good to take inventory of our follies and His faithfulness. As the psalmist writes:
Whoever is wise, let him attend to these things;
   let them consider the steadfast love of the Lord.

—Psalm 107:43

Fun cookout with our communitygroup last night. Finding that I want to more deeply know the others I'm walking beside, and I have an idea or two of how we can get to know each other better. Should run some things by Jared soon.


let him attend to these things

i think jared definitely wants ideas! i bet you have some good ones.

that was a really fun cookout! we should do that again this summer with CG.
I read Psalm 107 yesterday and was simlarly moved. What I find amazing is that the chapter gives four different categories of people, all in trouble for different reasons. Rebellion, hunger, foolishness, natural disaster. There is a common theme, however -- they CRIED TO THE LORD in their trouble, and HE DELIVERED THEM. Totally encouraging, especially in those times that I know I deserve the hardship I'm going through. So simple, and so wonderful!
"Finding that I want to more deeply know the others I'm walking beside..."

Deep intimacy is necessary to help each other fight satan's lies. I'm glad you're seeking it!