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Fun Friday

Reasons it's a good day:
  • It's Friday.
  • It's cool and rainy.
  • It's my sister heartflyte's birthday.
  • barlow_girl and I have been married two months today.
I'm sure there are other reasons, too, but I don't want to be greedy.

Hoping to actually finish a couple of things today that have been hanging out for way too long. It's silly that I haven't just knocked them out. Plus, I'm also a week slack on Bible reading, which isn't a crisis so much as it's also silly. Really, I'm pretty OK with some ebb and flow on that kind of thing; there just isn't any good reason for it in my case right now.

Off to work on some calendaring solutions for work. Believe it or not, this is fun!
Tags: amy, family, life, work

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