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Movin' right along

Migrated our work email (plus calendaring, etc.) over to Google Apps yesterday and today. Completely geeking out about it. Great spam filtering was a prime motivator, but some of the other bells and whistles won't hurt, either.

communitygroup in an hour or so. It's been a good week for community for us: cooking out with the Denneys Friday, rolling sushi with Kendall, Mollie, Jared, Kris, and J.J. Saturday, stopping by to see Nick & Anne yesterday, lunch with Adam followed by ManTime for me this afternoon, and CG tonight. We're going to Nick & Anne's wedding Thursday evening (work permitting for barlow_girl; I'm reading, so I'm in regardless), so that packs out the week. Nothing yet booked for this weekend, but since I'm covering facilities Sunday and Amy's hosting a party for children's volunteers at our place that afternoon, I think we'll be fine if it doesn't fill up.
Tags: community group, friends, internet, work
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