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Settling in

Continuing gorgeous weather in Seattle. It's so much easier to enjoy when my schedule isn't tightly booked.

It's weird coming off of my work productivity buzz—when I hit time off, I feel like I'm not getting nearly as much done. But (duh) that's kind of the point. Just need to remind myself of that until I get used to the rhythm.

Our friends Jordan and Whitney came over for dinner last night. We hadn't been able to hang out with just them for a long time, so we really enjoyed it. Very refreshing to have the unforced feeling of friendship—there's nothing wrong with working at relationships, either, but a break from that was most welcome.

A side benefit of having the Denneys over for dinner: we found our dining room table! It's been the staging area and last holdout in our moving-in-together process. Plus, since it's right next to the door, it's long been the easiest place to drop things. But between that rediscovery and unpacking the last of the boxes on our floor, the place is actually starting to feel settled rather than in transition. What a blessing.
Tags: friends, home, work

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