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Seattle fog

Bright light! Bright light!

The work groove continues. That's nice.

Except that others are enjoying it so much, I could completely do without the sunshine and high-70s. Weird things to grouse about, I know—like complaining that a garden is too green and its flowers too beautiful and fragrant. Even those things that aren't my preference are hardly hardships. I'm just spoiled. Even so, I could really go for some cool and gray. And a nap.
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I really never enjoyed the sunshine until last year... having my own yard really helps.
For whatever reason, I like warm, clear weather less when I have a packed schedule (like today). Contrary to common sense, I don't think my problem is directly related to a desire to be out enjoying the weather. Rather, when I'm running a long day, I just want to be left alone in any of the in-between time, and there's something about sunny days that seems to demand my squinty-eyed attention and effort to navigate.
I can relate! I started hating summer when I was doing auto parts delivery and was on the road all the time. Sunlight glinting off car bumpers and the occasional lake and all that damn blue sky. Really put me in bitter mood. The next summer wasn't much better, working at an espresso stand on hwy. 99, when I had to be up at 3 in the morning after never getting enough sleep the night before.

Even now that I like warmish weather (much warmer than this and I'm unhappy again) I'm heavily dependant on my sunglasses. My eyes are just too sensitive for all this light! I can only like it because I'm careful to get enough sleep and the beach is more fun with the kids on a sunny day :)
Golly, I know JUST how you feel. I love the warmth and the light just like anyone else, but when I'm drained, I just don't want to deal with the sensory assault.
I'm pretty sure my perfect ratio would be one rainy day for every three sunny.

drench me & feed me after midnight

Are you a Mogwai too?

I will admit that moving to KY from Seattle has produced in me a somewhat-sunnier disposition, if only that, unlike the city of my birth, one actually sees the sun here more than half the days of the year.

This, however— as my wife wll attest —does not stop me from complaining about the incessant rays and sporting my sunglasses in perpetuity.