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Just tried steeping my tea for five minutes or so before realizing that my teapot was missing a vital ingredient—tea.

Busyness, travel, and exhaustion narrowed last night's communitygroup to Amanda, Jared, Jonathan, Kendall, and me, so we adjourned to Big Time Brewery for pints and shuffleboard (we were pretty much rank amateurs with the latter). Good times.

Lots of times when I read John (the gospel and epistle author), his language just seems to go round and round. But reading in 1 John 2 this morning, something about his words just clicked. Similar to what I wrote yesterday about our church, I'm really pretty much the same guy who's read the same words before and often found myself scratching my head or annoyed by redundancy, so it seems the change might have more to do with God's Spirit than just me. That'd be a good thing.
Tags: community group, scripture

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