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Zipping by

I miss being in a more regular journalling groove. Part of the struggle is just getting unstuck, and sometimes largely pointless entries (like this one) flush out the system a bit.

The sun is out, and I already find myself missing the Seattle gray. Even so, it's beautiful.

Since upgrading my TiVo's hard drive a couple of weeks ago, it still hasn't had to erase a thing. That and a busy schedule puts me on delay for almost all television watching, making finale season tricky to navigate spoiler-free. I don't really mind—it's worth it to enjoy the flexibility.

Productivity, efficiency, and focus continue to be on the upswing, particularly at the office. Not only is most of this week's work done (as of yesterday, actually), but I've also reorganized all of the drawers in my desk, clearing half of them out entirely. My email inbox currently holds a single message. Who knows how long the trend will continue—I'll just ride it while it lasts and try to set up for times when it doesn't come as naturally.

Tasks aside, there's a strong, good undercurrent at work. Strides are being hit and stages set. It's not us—though there have been changes and staff additions, we're still pretty much the same people and the same church. So from where I sit, it looks like God's movement, and of course, that's always the hope. Perhaps my view is just getting clearer.
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