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Getting up to speed

Seattle's weather has been gorgeous, I've mostly been "in the zone" staying on top of life and work, and I'm continuing to love being married to barlow_girl. At risk of redundancy, life is sweet.

Amy's been working like crazy with quarter-end stuff, so that adds a bit of stress and gobbles up large chunks of the calendar (she's working today and tomorrow). I'm still continually impressed with how she handles that and all the other crap that's been thrown her way recently. We've both been adjusting to living together, too, but there's comfort in realizing that most if not all of what's been stretching us on that front is simple roommate stuff—while that's an important component of a healthy marriage, it's a pretty limited measure for same. Perspective helps.

My own return to work this week went very smoothly, particularly with the addition of Annette to our staff. Her presence is a blessing on so many fronts—it feels right. The Haralsons hosted a welcome party for her last night, and while social events sometimes aren't my thing, this was well worth celebrating.

Caught up on Lost yesterday, and hoping to get up to speed on Heroes today (I'm three episodes behind). Being behind on those shows makes the internet and LiveJournal tricky to navigate spoiler-free. And honestly, I'm behind on almost everything I watch, but that's the joy of TiVo in a busy life—no hurry, no worry.
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