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Getting to the bottom of things

Whittled my email inbox down from around 200 to 12 yesterday; that kind of headway really takes the edge off of getting back in the work groove after vacation.

Since I'm increasingly becoming an archaeology geek, I was excited to read this morning about the discovery of Herod's tomb. How cool is that?

communitygroup tonight. Like Sunday worship, barlow_girl and I really missed everyone after just a week away.


I read that article you linked to. I love stuff like that too!
It's a fascinating field—scientifically, historically, politically, and spiritually.
I love how it's proving the Bible true. :D
Welcome home! Glad you two had a wonderful time on your honeymoon. I was excited too to read about the discovery of Herod's tomb. Though I read this morning in the N.Y. Times, (Of course), a headline that read, "Herod's Tomb Possibly Found." I guess the verdict is still out for some as to whether or not it really is Herod's. Oh well.

Anyway, my daughter is delightfully interested in Archaeology, anthropology and linguistics as they all relate to Biblical history. She says she is going to, "Prove evolution wrong, once and for all!" haha WooHoo! Looks like I am in for some excitement in my future. Either that or just lots and lots of college tuition fees. :)

Anyway, glad you are back.

If anyone can find a way to do it, it's probably Alex. She's brilliant.
That's a totally sweet album.
When music is involved, Iona is often part of my early morning groove.