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Return from honeymoon

Time to get back in the saddle with a great many things, journaling among them. Since I probably can't do justice to much of anything in an omnibus entry, I'll just go for the long view and will happily try to fill in the blanks upon request.
  • The biggest single event since last update was clearly our honeymoon trip, from 26 April to 4 May. We spent our first couple of days in Dothan, AL visiting Amy's family (including quiltlady, ultimateswing, and pigthatisbig) then went on to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica from Sunday through Friday. Though I didn't manage to acquire a tan (as a Seattlelite, I resemble something akin to the grayish-white translucency of a raw shrimp on the beach), we had a fantastic time, capping the week off with a private sunset candlelight dinner on the beach.
  • By the end, barlow_girl and I were ready to get back to our lives and friendships in Seattle. We also both missed corporate worship like crazy, even though we were only out for one Sunday. I've had my seasons of doing my own thing, but I'm very thankful not to be in one now—knowing what that time means to us and how God meets us there, it's hard to imagine not having it each week.
  • Wrapped up reading Intimate Allies, made some progress in Atlas Shrugged, and got started with Getting Things Done. Finding myself intrigued with and even excited by some of the possibilities posed in the latter book; we'll see how things progress.
  • Lower back has been hurting since we got back, probably at least in part from carrying the aforementioned books along with a MacBook Pro and other stuff on my back as we returned home Friday. Ready to feel better soon.
  • We're making great progress with moving everything in—having the break for the honeymoon helped. Feels good.
  • My TiVo's hard drive was in its death throes when we left, so I ordered a (larger) replacement while we were away and installed it Saturday. Very sweet.
  • velouria73 and Carrie came over to watch the terribly anticlimactic finale of The Amazing Race: All-Stars. It's a good thing we have fun together anyway (as well as awesome snacks).
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