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Almost one week in

A week since I've written, and what an amazing week! The wedding Sunday was such a fantastic celebration that wasn't just about our vows—it was about being invited into a story larger than ourselves, the very story we were created for, and the love and commitment our Bridegroom and King lavishes on us. Though we'd have chosen other circumstances, we agree that moving the wedding was the very best thing we could have done, and we were tremendously blessed by God, family, and community.

Married life? Good. Extraordinarily good.

We've been able to both head back to work (our honeymoon is at the end of the month), get barlow_girl mostly moved out from her old apartment, swap out a new bed for my old futon, and start finding rhythms and routines for life together. We've also had time here and there to spend with friends, which can often slip off the radar at the beginning of a marriage.

And there's more, more, and so much more. We know we're only at the beginning, but it feels good to learn how to love, honor, and serve each other. Even when it's tough, it's unquestionably worth it. And for my part, I've noticed a much clearer sense of perspective—spending time on the people and things I value while letting the rest slip into the background. Things won't always be this clear, I remind myself, so it's a good time to celebrate, enjoy, be thankful, and build for the future.
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