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T-minus 1

Tomorrow I marry Amy. That's enough to make me feel like I'm walking on air.

There are so many incredible things about being married to Amy that it'll take my lifetime to learn them all. But the wedding itself has also been amazing, particularly in that it's been so much larger than just something about us alone. We've had the power of the gospel embodied to us through our church again and again—their eager desire to serve and celebrate with us continues to catch us off guard, over and over. This is what the new humanity of the Kingdom looks like. How wonderful to be drawn into it.

We both have family in town, trickling in over the past few days. That they can be with us is another huge blessing. We had lunch with everyone who was in at the time yesterday afternoon, and another gathering of out-of-towners hosted by our communitygroup today. I hope our families get to see a glimpse of the Jesus we've seen in them.

Naturally, there's hasn't been a lot of time to write, but neither has it been as stressful and crazy as one might think. Everything's been narrowed down to the essentials, just the way we like it, and the richness God is bringing into our lives is clearer and stronger than any of the niggling details (most of which are being handled for us!). It's good to be overshadowed by grace.


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Tomorrow I will no longer be able to call Amy "AEH."

I'm glad family is there. Thanks for sharing the ways God is working. It's just amazing to see, even from this distance.
"AHG" has a ring to it (literally—HA!).

Thanks for your presence in well-wishes and prayer. We are so thankful!

he happened upon an Essentials Kit...

i. love. you.

looking forward to knowing more of Jesus together.

to the King! :D

Re: he happened upon an Essentials Kit...

I wish you all the best for tomorrow!

Many many congrats :)

Karen x

And may I take this opportunity to wish you both the very richest of God's unbounded love, presence and blessing in the unmeasured years you both have ahead to enjoy Him in each other.

God has already been answering these prayers. Thank you, Colin.
My husband and I just got married last week. And unlike your experience so far, the few days before were stressful [moreso for him... My best friend came in town early and she kept my stress level down]. Anyway, we barely remember much of the ceremony and reception [thankfully there is video and pictures!]. But we'll be praying for you both and your marriage :)
Thank you! We have video we need to upload at some point soon, and one of our photographers sent along an advance shot that we love.
God bless you both.

Reading about your relationship this past year or so has been like watching Christ at work in the world. Love really does work.

Good luck, congratulations, and may you share a long rich life together.

And have a whole lotta fun tomorrow. :)
A whole lotta fun was exactly the ticket. Thank you, my friend.
Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you both!
Thank you!
Congratulations to you both and enjoy tomorrow and the rest of your lives together fully!
It was such a good day, and we really are enjoying! Thank YOU for the thoughtful (and extremely useful) gift!
Once again, congratulations!
Many thanks!
My prayers are with you both as you start this new life together.

Congratulations and God Bless!

He has been! Thank you for your prayers.
Congratulations Banzai, this happiness couldn't be happening to a better pair of people. I think the happiness of a couple about to be married is infectious in a community of any kind, including the church community. It enriches everyone's lives. I remember how happy I was when my cousins and friends got married - you drink from the overflow of their joy. So, you and Amy are being generous to others too.
God really has been working that way through our wedding and marriage, though it's still hard for us to grasp that he's using it/us to bless others. Thank you!
It couldn't be happening at a better time for two better people. I have loved seeing Christ in this relationship as it developed! Congratulations, and *clink* here's to being man and wife. God bless!
We had champagne toasts (as well as Presbyterians and some fantastic 100-year-old Scotch) at our evening reception. So you can consider this part of the festivities. Thank you!

So happy for you

My advice, stick together all day (we got seperated at our reception with people getting between us). Mostly though our wedding was great fun and a great day! Let everyone else do everything, and enjoy your bride. I am sure you two will be very happy. The best part is that you have the next day together, then the next year, and on and on. The marriage is really much better than the wedding. Blessings!

Re: So happy for you

We followed your advice, and it was a fantastic day! Even so, we're so much more excited about the marriage God's given us. Thank you!
So glad to hear there's been no undue stress for you two - such a blessing! Congrats, and may God continue to bless you both as long as you both shall live :D
I think our stress had bigger things to attend to, which gave us some healthy perspective on the wedding's place in the scheme of things. People were so wonderful to us, too! Thanks for your prayers and well-wishes.
yay! congratulations. i'm happy for you. :)
Thank you!
I love y'all and am so sad that I'm missing out on shooting you. But I'm so happy that it's happening and that you'll be surrounded by your church family. :)
The latter part was a tremendous blessing, even though we missed you and Jeff! Thanks for your love; it means a ton.
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