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Now that's a prayer…

Come in, O strong and deep love of Jesus, like the sea at the flood in spring tides, cover all my powers, drown all my sins, wash out all my cares, lift up my earth-bound soul, and float it right up to my Lord’s feet, and there let me lie, a poor broken shell, washed up by his love, having no virtue or value; and only venturing to whisper to him that if he will put his ear to me, he will hear within my heart faint echoes of the vast waves of his own love which have brought me where it is my delight to lie, even at his feet for ever.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (12 April, Morning)


wow, that's vivid :)



I feel so...moved by that!
I love eloquent prayers like that, that make me feel something.
I also like the non-eloquent ones I guess. Even though I don't feel as much, if anything, from them. Like Anne Lamott says - there are really only two prayers: Help and Thank You. -steph
Quite powerful. It reminds me of a poem I heard and noted a while back…

Upon the sandy shore an empty shell
Beyond the shell an infinity of sea
O Saviour, I am like that empty shell
Thou art the sea to me

As sweeping wave rides up the shore
And, lo, each dim recess the coiled shell within
Is searched, is filled, is filled to overflow
by waters crystalline

Not to the shell is any glory then
All glory give we to the glorious sea
And not to me be any glory when
Thou overflowest me

Sweep over me thy shell, as low I lie,
I yield me to the purpose of Thy will
Sweep up, o conquering wave, and purify
And with Thy fullness fill
Holy wow.

That made me cry. Beautiful.