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T-minus 8

Everything's a flurry, but not in a bad way. Knowing that all the work is going toward a celebration and solid start to our marriage goes a long way to keeping my spirits up when I'd otherwise be overwhelmed. We've been shown so much love by our friends and family in the rescheduling of our wedding—it's staggering. Amber is coordinating, Nick & Anne are making our cake, our communitygroup had a celebration on Tuesday (complete with sabered champagne!), Brian & Carolyn gave us an awesome cake topper, Laura stopped by with pre-wedding goodies this week, and the list goes on and on. Looks like most of our immediate family will make it, which is yet another blessing. We're in the single digits on the countdown!

Lots of my energy this weekend has been on the home front, and I have plenty left to do. Haven't had a roommate since college, let alone a wife (!), so I've been able to be pretty careless about stuff and the accumulation thereof. On the spectrum of single men, I keep a pretty organized place, but there's still lots of editing I don't do when left to my own devices. Perhaps the saddest part is acknowledging that it's time to box up my Twentieth Anniversary Mac—if the TV tuner still worked effectively, I'd find a place for it in the bedroom, but as is, it just shouldn't take up space in our home. And seriously, if that's the saddest part, I have a pretty amazing life ahead. Which I do.
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