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T-minus 8

Everything's a flurry, but not in a bad way. Knowing that all the work is going toward a celebration and solid start to our marriage goes a long way to keeping my spirits up when I'd otherwise be overwhelmed. We've been shown so much love by our friends and family in the rescheduling of our wedding—it's staggering. Amber is coordinating, Nick & Anne are making our cake, our communitygroup had a celebration on Tuesday (complete with sabered champagne!), Brian & Carolyn gave us an awesome cake topper, Laura stopped by with pre-wedding goodies this week, and the list goes on and on. Looks like most of our immediate family will make it, which is yet another blessing. We're in the single digits on the countdown!

Lots of my energy this weekend has been on the home front, and I have plenty left to do. Haven't had a roommate since college, let alone a wife (!), so I've been able to be pretty careless about stuff and the accumulation thereof. On the spectrum of single men, I keep a pretty organized place, but there's still lots of editing I don't do when left to my own devices. Perhaps the saddest part is acknowledging that it's time to box up my Twentieth Anniversary Mac—if the TV tuner still worked effectively, I'd find a place for it in the bedroom, but as is, it just shouldn't take up space in our home. And seriously, if that's the saddest part, I have a pretty amazing life ahead. Which I do.


Yay! Man, though, that last week of single-digit countdown is totally torture... just warning you. But on the other hand, you'll be married before you know it!
Hooray! One of the advantages to cutting the countdown in half may be that I'm too busy to feel as tortured by the remaining days! Per my previous entry, you and Carl are, of course, invited to join us next Sunday at Grace if you like—it'll just be our usual 11:00 am service with the vows in the middle. But no pressure at all...we could barely fit it into our own calendar!
Perhaps we will! That would be an easy way to see Grace *and* figure out who you guys are :D I'll see if Carl's up for it, and let you know!
Yeah, it's not really a wedding service so much as a service with wedding vows in it, so apart from those, it should be a pretty standard taste of our Sunday worship. But we know there's plenty to juggle!
Love you guys!
I'm glad to see things are coming together.
Good luck with the 'editting'.
It's been so good for me the last couple months to 'downsize' our belongings.
Excited for your wedding! I wish we could be there.
God bless you guys!
Reading about your downsizing has been an encouragement as I do the same. We love us some Monsters!

say 8!



Re: say 8!


Re: say 8!

I love how the community group is helping out so much! Y'all are one blessed couple. Seriously. I am so happy for you and for Amy!
I'm sorry I just want to squeeze your icon everytime I see it Xo] Goodness I'm very huggy tonight! :oD
We are so blessed—thank you! And we received your wedding gift, too, so double thanks (it'll be triple once we get to thank you notes!).
I just want to say a couple of things here. I have been thinking about you both a lot and sending you jubilant thoughts from afar. Can't believe it's so near! Also today while gutting my study (just as well I aint got a wife moving in next week I can tell you (she would FREAKout, hehheh :) I had the chance to catch up on lots of podcasts including Grace Seattle and the messages from Michael and John were extremely apposite and I feel really prepared me for tonight's meeting at church so please give them my appreciation. Michael sounds so young too - respect!

not my journal, i know.

thank you! we are so blessed to be able to rejoice with friends and family near and far!

(and Michael isn't old, i'll say that.)

Happy Easter! He is risen!
Thank you, my friend. God has blessed us with your friendship. I'm glad the sermons were a help—I'll pass the word that the messages are reaching across the pond!
Congratulations and best wishes on your day!
You too! Looks like this is the year for the 24 February birthday crew…

I know we've faded in and out the past few years (understandably so) but your influence in my life cannot go understated.

As it were, I'm so happy for you and Amy and pray for the blessings God has filled you both with to continue to flow outward.

Keep fighting the good fight brother.
Thank you, my friend. I wish you could join us!

As do I! I hope you post some pictures of the festivities.