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Film, Faith, and Justice

I normally don't do much in the way of plugging things here, but sometimes something comes up that's worth plugging. In this case, it's Film, Faith, and Justice 2007: A Forum Exploring Issues of Social Justice, presented by the fine folks (as well as my officemates) at The Other Journal. Whether you take in one or many of the films, speakers, and panels, and whether you agree with what you hear or not, the festival is trying to tackle some big questions, and that's worth some conversation that the church is often not engaging, internally or externally.

So if you're in the Seattle area, I encourage you to take a look. Chances are good that you may find yourself changed.


Wow, I would love to go to that!

There is such a lacking from the church in general to tackle these issues. Whether they be here or in other countries.

I've been thinking lately - what is the church of america doing for AIDS and AIDS victims? I am not saying that there isn't anything being done by anyone, but I do believe there is a vast case of Don't Look At It inflicting us.

Me. I mean, inflicting me. What have I done about it?
I saw a little flyer for that out at a restaurant in Wallingford, and think it sounds really nifty, so Carl and I will probably come, for at least one of the days :)
That would be cool! I'm hoping we can squeeze some in, too—it's under 30 days until our wedding, so it's hard to keep up with or make room for much of anything! But I at least wanted to get the word out to others who might enjoy it, too.

Glad to read you're feeling a bit better. Being sick alongside moving is such a tough one-two punch!
I'm just thankful there wasn't much more to that one-two punch. I suppose it could have been worse, after all :) And at least it seems to have moved on rather quickly. :)


Thanks for sharing this.