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Another gorgeous gray Seattle day. This weekend has been so relaxing, and also productive. Nothing tremendous, just the baby steps, but it feels good to have taken some of them. My apartment is getting in better and better shape; it's nice to build a little momentum on that.

As if to demonstrate that there's nothing new under the sun, found myself nodding in agreement with Paul's words from Galatians 4:16:
Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?
Comforting to be assured that we may face this possibility, and to know that God is more interested in our faithfulness than in the measure of any man (including ourselves).

Need to remember to call my parents today—amid the shuffle of the week, I forgot to call and wish them a happy anniversary. If my math is correct, this was their 41st. That's staying power.
Tags: family, home, scripture
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