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Blessed are the poor

Did some math I've been avoiding and confirmed that I am definitely living beyond my means. I knew this, pretty much, but the sand looked so warm and comfortable that I decided to stick my head in it for a while.

What a mess. And entirely of my own making. Frivolous and careless, I dug myself a deep hole. Now it's time for some harder choices, and even those measures will take a very long time just to reach the break even point. When you've been a fool, you can't help but feel foolish. That's grace, too.

So here are the measures I've come up with so far (in pseudo-chronological order)-- I should have used them to swim, but now I'll need them to tread water:
  • Start selling stuff on eBay (my iMac will be first, I think). Said stuff will include extra computer equipment and non-unique collectibles. Much of it, ironically, came from eBay in the first place.

  • Start talking to people. See if I can get debts consolidated and reduced, if I can get a raise, and if I can get my rent knocked down a bit. Also, look into subsidized housing and/or property management.

  • Cut out regular charitiable contributions as of the end of the year, other than my tithe (before I become a charity case myself). I hate to do it, but it will save me over $100 monthly.

  • Sell my comic collection. I'm not sure of the best way to do this for the optimal combination of efficiency and revenue. I'll miss it; I've been building it since I was a boy, but it needs to be done.

  • Sell off furniture and electronics locally. In all honesty, I don't need much. I just have much. The leather couch should be a cash cow (couldn't resist). I got a lot of the furniture to have a nice place for entertaining, etc., but that's a luxury. Making my life personal-sized will also hurt.

  • Move into a cheaper place. Right now, I'm thinking a studio within my building. Lowering my rent would be great, but if I have to spend money to move, it doesn't make sense. If I sell lots of my stuff and move within the building, it becomes much less costly. Maintaining my location also cuts transportation expenses, etc. I'd also consider a roommate, but there are very few people I'd like to live with (in case anyone missed that in prior reading of this journal).
That's enough for now. Thinking of scaling down so severely creates a combination of fear, depression, and excitement within me. Odd.


Been there. You'll be provided for. I once lost my roommate with almost no notice and got a 13% paycut at the same time. It was so hard, but I had plenty to eat through it all, and I spent not even one night on the street.


not that some anonymous, random web lurker's opinion carries much weight, but i couldn't help myself..........

don't sell the comic books.

a) you won't really get much (except for those gems you may or may not have)

b) i'm a big fan of not ending something that was of great importance for such a long time during 'hard times'. it may sound weird, but i really thing you should wait and see how everything else goes. i suspect you will save enough money through the other avenues. then, when you are on economic stable ground, if you still want to sell them....go for it.


p.s. hello, i stumbled onto your journal from marm's journal who i found via yet another journal......etc.
Well, I can't imagine my opinion would carry any more weight than Medea's, but I would also be against selling the comics, except as a last resort. I also doubt you'd get as much for them as they are worth to you, and there's are very very few less expensive forms of entertainment than looking over old collections of stuff. They could be a comfort at a time when you don't have a lot of other things to endulge yourself in.