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Extravagant grace

Back live, now from my new MacBook Pro. It's ridiculous how much it lifts my spirits to be online and mobile at once again.

The weekend rocked. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at Nikki's, where I spent time with my good friend Jameson. Sunday was our church's soirée at Canlis, which far exceeded our high hopes. Around 250 people attended, well-dressed, relaxed, and a little awed to be celebrating so extravagantly. It was such a compelling, tangible picture of grace. Practically, so many of us believe that, even at the height of our relationship with God, we're just ok—perhaps the equivalent of a moderate night out. But God loves us richly, in a way that should humble us and perhaps even make us blush. It felt good to celebrate with others in that spirit, not as an escape from our lives or a boasting of some individual or corporate achievement, but as nothing less than an embodiment of God's extravagant grace revealed to us in the gospel. That's beautiful.

(An added bonus: you can see video of our pastor sabering the champagne open here. It was so fun!)
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