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Writing an entry has been challenging—work's been busy enough that I haven't wanted to take a break, and here on the home front, my iBook's hard drive is on its last legs (the second drive I've had in this machine). To address the latter circumstance, I have a new MacBook Pro on the way, but some shipping issues will keep it from reaching me until Monday. These are, as they say, problems of privilege and convenience, and it's terribly telling of my spoiled heart how much things get to me.

One of the week's highlights was the wine tasting at Mark and Anne Marie's Monday. We had such a fantastic time laughing with old and new friends, enjoying some amazing wines, and learning so much about wine. They were phenomenally gracious hosts, and Mark is a passionate, excellent teacher—it's easy to see why Canlis is such a success. There's a marked difference between people who extend true hospitality and those who entertain for their own entertainment, and we found ourselves refreshed by experiencing the former in their home.

Another highlight was communitygroup on Tuesday. While there were downsides (barlow_girl couldn't attend because of work, and I wound up waiting for a bus after CG in some cold wind for nearly an hour due to a power outage), our friend Laura came for the first time and fit right in. She's on staff with New Horizons and brings a rich perspective both from her work and simply as part of her own presence. It's been good for us to get to know her better, and we look forward to the growth of our friendship.

Wound up the week needing to work some overtime yesterday, but have mostly laid low outside of that. Amy has a bridal shower this afternoon, then we're swinging by a St. Patrick's Day party in the evening. Tomorrow is work and worship, and in the evening our church is throwing a soirée at Canlis. In my book, that's a weekend well-spent.
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