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"The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent."

—Exodus 14:14

It's that last part that always gives me trouble (often because I don't believe the first part).


No joke.

I've been learning A LOT about being silent lately and letting God take care of things. I used to think about silence in terms of a sacrifical discipline, but it was all theoretical. Now it is becoming a reality... the best part? When the Lord exchanges my silence for His peace. I didn't see that one coming.
That's quite an upgrade.
Beautifully said. I had a very powerful experience of that myself.
There are a few verses that I like to know several translations of, so I can think of the verse more in depth. This is one of them, the NASB says "be still" over "be silent" - both together make an interesting meditation. I need to think in this more myself, it goes along well with "Cease striving and know that I am God"/"Be still and know that am God" which I've been mulling over lately. They go well together.
I knew you had one of translations I use. I just got confused which translation says what. Ok, the NIV says to "be still."
The ESV is my default, simply because it's what our church uses. I'd love to know Hebrew and Greek, but haven't had the discipline to even attempt learning.
the best part about the second passage you quote (Ps 46) is that the second half of that sentence is "I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." God is telling us to be still b/c He's working out His big story for all the peoples of the world, and it's not about us. :o]
Reminds me of Jesus before the Sandhedrin. If someone is determined to crucify you, best just shut up. Nothing you say is going to help.
Right, because our help is in the name of the Lord. That doesn't mean never speaking, but too often my speech or silence is determined by what I think it's going to get me rather than by faith that the Lord is fighting for me.


so is this only for christians in the west? Or is god offering to fight, for instance, for the 60,000 children who have been pressed into the Lord's resistance army in Northern Uganda? Or maybe they just weren't quiet enough?

anyway, what does "The Lord will fight for you" mean in this context? isn't is something like "the Lord will gruesomely drown the entire Egyptian army, thus leaving their wives and children (well, all but the first born, of course, since they are already dead) destitute--but hey, at least they'll never bother you again!" or something like that?

confused as usual...
Maybe I should just be quiet...

Re: huh?

I think the only thing keeping me from being confused alongside you after reading your comment is banzai's Law of Stimulus and Response:
When a response is disproportionate to a stimulus, there must be another stimulus
You're clearly responding strongly to something, but I don't think it's (just) me or my journal, and I'm not sure I have anything new to contribute to your process through an online medium other than recognizing its expression here.

This was posted simply because I believe that God's word to the ancient Hebrews in their context has something to say which informs my life in its context. I don't mind disagreeing and don't mean to build any kind of wall in our friendship, but the questions you raised simply aren't issues I'm choosing to pursue further in this venue at this point.

Re: huh?

I like your law of stimulus and response.

I do not remember experiencing strong emotions when I responded before. I'm curious as to what you meant when you said "responding strongly". It was more ... curious, wishing to understand, I thought. Alas, I often have this effect on people...
But then ... so did Jeremiah, Isaiah, etc.
but ... I'm certainly not claiming to be as crazy as those guys =)
thankyou for engaging me. you rock.