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Daniela e-mailed yesterday to tell me she just got engaged. Deep down I'm happy-- she is a dear friend and deserving of great happiness-- but that wasn't my heart's first response. Daniela was my "safety," that close friend of the opposite sex with whom you don't experience romantic passion, yet share a level of comfort that says, if nothing else works out, we could be together and happy: a mixture of security and potential. So my first selfish feeling was of loss and echoing emptiness. It will pass. The safety is now off.

I continue to see the "No War" posters throughout my neighborhood. There must have been many boxes left over from the Gulf War. While supporting the right to (unoriginal) expression, I find them ludicrous-- as if we have a choice, morally or practically.

Those that believe this is a time for negotiation should be forced to watch the destruction of the World Trade Center and the crashes at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania over and over. They should have to speak with the families and see the carnage of unidentifiable remains-- a view most of us have been mercifully spared.

Diplomacy has been offered and refused. The very thought that this is a fair arena for leftover platitudes and ideological debate is reprehensible, dishonoring the memory of those sacrificed and those who sacrificed themselves. Praise God that we are free to have such discussion, but God save us from those who would abuse that freedom to dust off their tired pet platforms.
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